Dream Marathon 11.2.14

Team we are at the finish line!  I am so excited to announce we have reached our goal!!!  In 3 days I get to run my dream race in honor and in memory of some wonderful people!

Did I ever tell you why NY is my dream race?

When I was a little and growing up in a small rural town I was a pudgy kid with thick glasses,that was also a  little weird, and I didn’t have a lot of friends. I was “that kid”, the one that did not fit into one particular niche group.  I was “that kid” that got picked on left and right, because I wasn’t girly enough to hang out with most girls, and I wasn’t tough enough to run with the boys.  I was “that kid” whose favorite TV shows were Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Unsolved Mysteries. I was “that kid” who played basketball and softball, and I was never good at either one of those sports.  I just loved playing sports.    I spent most of my childhood and teenage years being singled out and being made fun of.  I did however have an awesome family that made me feel loved.   I thought I, at least, I had that perfect family that everyone wanted.

I have a lot of aunts, my Dad has two sisters, my Mom has three sisters.  My Mom’s sister Ella Ruth was THE aunt. She was was the fun aunt and the aunt that got into trouble the most.  She was a math and science teacher most of her life, at one time she even taught at the same high school as my Mom.  She was a kind and good person, but sometimes made bad decisions.  When my Mom talks about my Aunt, it’s like she’s talking about a best friend that she could not keep up with.  As a kid, I never knew that my Aunt was ever in trouble, in my eyes she was super cool, she did nothing wrong, ever.  What made her the coolest, was when she brought me back her Delta wings from her first flight ever to New York City!  She went to the Big Apple and told me all about it!   She told me about how in New York, there were lots of different people: one had a Mohawk, one had green hair, some went to plays.  There were libraries on every corner, and no one made fun of little girls with glasses there (okay I think she exaggerated that part).  She told me there were buildings taller than our mountains and there was so much to do and see.  I remember asking, “So no one would make fun of me there?”  My Aunt looked at me and with her big bright smile and told me “No, sweetie, no one would make fun of you there, no one should make fun of you…no matter where you are.  One day no one will because you are so special.”    I asked my Aunt Ella Ruth before she left my house that evening, ” Can we go there, can we go to New York City when I get older?”  My Aunt with her dark curly hair and perfectly painted finger nails took my little hand and said ” Absolutely! When you get older, we will go to New York City.  We can even ride the Subway train.”  From that moment on, my mantra was, “One day I will leave this stupid town.  One day I will go to New York and one day I will fit in.  One day it will all be better.”

Unfortunately, we never made it.    I grew up, my parents got divorced, which when you live in the Bible belt  only earns you more whispered stares in the hallway.  I didn’t have a normal family anymore.   My Aunt and Mom grew apart; their lives went in separate directions.  My aunt never had kids while my Mom was suddenly divorced and raising two kids.

None the less, my dream of one day going to New York with my Aunt never really faded away, it was always in the back of my mind.  I thought, things will change one day and things will be better and then we can go.  I graduated high school andI went to college on the other end of the state. College led me to be happy with myself, and for the first time in my life I fit in.  I had not one, but several good friends. I was not weird for being a nerd!  Life was good.  Though I missed being close to my family.

Now Aunt Ella Ruth smoked cigarettes for as long as I can remember. Ella Ruth was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was in my late 20s, right after I had graduated from college.  I went home a few times to see my Aunt.  My Aunt went through chemotherapy, she lost all her curly brown hair, but she finally quit smoking.  I was too shy to tell her, that I really wished she would get better, so she could maybe use this as restart button for life.  A second chance to do things right and better.  I hoped and I prayed that she would beat it, and she kept up the fight for a long while.  She died on March 29th, 2009.  I still miss her.  I still miss how she made me feel loved and special, and I still miss her laugh.

I didn’t cry when I got the phone call that she passed away, I couldn’t.   I went for a run instead.  I had just gotten into running long distances; I had done my first marathon that past October in Columbus in 2008.  A few weeks before my Aunt died I signed up for The 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  I think on that run that day I was just angry, this was not fair, she was just 51 years old, not really even old, only old people died of cancer, right?  I knew my own answer: No.

We buried my Aunt and I went on a personal crusade to get a job in research, I wanted to do anything I could to beat this disease….to beat the cancer that robbed me, that robbed my Aunt from her new start.  That’s why I was thrilled I got a job at our University clinical trial office.   I am still there and I’m still working hard every day.  It’s not an easy job, and I’ve met several patients along the way that have inspired me to live life to the fullest.  I miss some of those patients too.  I may not know them like a family member, but I still get attached and I still miss them.

Lots of runners dream of running Boston, the Holy Grale of running, if you run Boston, you know that you are an awesome runner.  It was never like that for me….New York is my Holy Grale, it is THE MARATHON for me.  I’ve never ran fast enough to qualify for it, but that never stopped me from entering the lottery…and this year, on March 26th I got the email that said “you’re IN.”  I’m FINALLY going to New York City!  I’m going to run through the city and love every minute of it.  I hope my Aunt Ella Ruth will cheer me on from her front row seat in heaven.  I loved her so much and I miss her…just like all of you still miss your loved ones.

This is why I decided to fundraise, not just for my Aunt, but for everyone that says “I still miss them”.  I want to help Stand Up to Cancer and put an end to this.

As we have gone on this journey, I want to give special thanks to all my donors! you have given funding to an organization that has one goal, and that is to fund research to end cancer.  You have helped them out, and you have given my race day more meaning than I could imagine. Thank you.  #Istillmissthem #SU2C


Taper time is Upon Us! NYC Marathon Training Week #17

I guess I am a lot like everyone, when I say everyone I mean to say that I try to cram as much Fun/Fitness/house chore/productivity as I can into my weekend.  This weekend was my final 20 mile run and was I prepared for that: NO. Should I have been?  Yeah, probably considering this was my 4th 20 miler and technically should have been my easiest run yet.  Oh well.

In an effort to cram ALL the FUN things in, I did not get enough sleep this week.  So my run yesterday was slower than I wanted, I did a lot of things wrong.

1. Not enough sleep, I averaged 5 hours of sleep a night last week.

2. Not enough Foam rolling= cardinal sin of running.

3. Did not Fuel properly the night prior, but the food was delicious! Feast BBQ in New Albany, IN is just awesome, go try it out!

4. Stretching.  Didn’t do that either.

All these mistakes happened because I was trying incredibly hard to get my door by 7:30 AM so I would be finished by noon. I wanted to finish by noon so I could cram more things in, like house chores, prep for a shower that I am throwing in a couple of weeks, etc.   I was still finished by noon, but total time for 21 miles (and yes I also overshot my mileage) was 5 hours.  My pace was around 14:00 minutes/mile.  Ouch.  The only cool thing about this run-I saw an owl, it was a creepy owl too!  He even turned around to look at me, as in he turned his head completely around.

Creepy owl that flew in front of me during my run.  Owls are my Mom's favorite animal so I welcome his creepiness.

Creepy owl that flew in front of me during my run. Owls are my Mom’s favorite animal so I welcome his creepiness.

2014-10-11 10.57.29

Mr. Owl decided to turn his head almost completely around to look at me. Shortly after being shot this look I got back to my run. He looked a little angry, don’t you think?

2014-10-11 10.56.42

Would I change anything about this week….hmm maybe. yeah, but I would not want to miss any of the things that I crammed in.  I loved going to yoga, I loved finishing season 2 of Game of Thrones with a good friend, I loved getting Mellow Mushroom late on Thursday night with my husband, and I especially loved celebrating a good friend’s birthday on Friday night.

I am constantly told that I push myself too hard.  I do, I already know this.  I love every part of my life though, it’s crazy busy, but gosh I love it all.  So, I will learn from this and on Saturday November 1st, my butt will be in bed at 8:30 PM.

I think I try to do as much as I can because I deal with people who say they wish they had more time, they wish they were not sick and that they could do all the fun things there are to do.  I try to seize the day everyday, partially for those that can’t.  One of my patients asked me this past week how I was, what was my next marathon and I told her it was NYC, she asked if I would run for her, I told ” I will run extra hard just for you.”  This patient always has a smile on her face, even though she is in a world of pain, she still smiles. I’ve told her a couple of times, she really inspires me.

So that’s why I’m asking everyone, if you have donated to my fundraiser, please send me the names of anyone you would like remembered.  I have decided to have a custom shirt made to wear for the NYC marathon, if you would like to remember someone please send me their names to anastasiaruns@gmail.com  I will list the names under, In Memory of, and In honor of-for those still fighting cancer right now.  I will post a picture of the shirt when it gets here, I will be placing the order this week, so please get those names to me by Wednesday October 15th, 11:00 PM EST.

I am pleased to report that we’ve raised $317 as of now, I am very excited about that!  Special Thanks to Emilie and Jerry Blanton who donated last night!  Those two are awesome people, and they are runners as well.

So it’s taper time now-time to take it a little easier on myself and focus in the coming weeks on keeping myself fatigue free, so that means I may not do ALL the things I want to do in the coming couple of weeks, but when I get to NYC-I will do it all….well most of it 😉 at least.

Happy Running Friends!

Less is More-NYC Marathon training Weeks 15 &16!

Is’t it amazing when you step away from something for awhile, you see things clearly?  In my case, week 15 was the week I did not see clearly.  I ran a 20 miler at the end of the week, I missed none of my runs, no big deal I missed some precious hours of sleep to get it all in.  When I say get it all in, I mean to say that I did my runs and I did hot yoga-twice, and then I did a group strength work out at a local gym and then…..then my 20 miler hurt.  The achilles tendonitis pain returned with a vengeance. I got through it, and then I kept going and pushed myself to exhaustion at a soccer game (playing three games in a row was a bit much).  Severe dehydration and fatigue set in and I had to miss work.

So while I was trying to figure out where it all went wrong and how, when I did everything I was supposed to do, I still did not achieve awesomness on my long run….it completely bewildered me.  I rested, as instructed by medical professionals all day on Monday, which was tougher than it sounds.  Then when I got up on Tuesday morning, well rested and feeling great, yes you read correctly, I felt great!  I had no soreness, I wasn’t groggy from too little sleep…that’s when I decided to keep taking it easy and see where it went.  I still did yoga and did a short 4 miler last week, along with calf raises to address my achilles problems.  My long run this weekend, which was 12 miles, was awesome!

Part of my 12 miles was run in The Parklands during the Great Pumpkin 10k.  I was beyond excited with my race time, it was under an hour for the 10k. 🙂  I also ran with no pain and I kept a 9:30 pace for most of the race.  Special thanks to a good friend that ran with me at the 10k, she was definitely a good motivator for me 🙂

Me and some close friends after the Great Pumpkin 10k!

Me and some close friends after the Great Pumpkin 10k!

After I got done with my 10k race and finished up my 12 miler, that’s when it hit me…I’ve really focused on the wrong things the past couple of weeks.  I’ve had a lot of fun doing hot yoga and doing TABATA classes, and it’s all great for me, but I really needed to focus on strength and it’s great to try new things, like the group classes I have been going to with Lululemon, but I had a good system, I was giving my body what it needed to be prepared to run a marathon.  I felt run down and fatigued for a reason, when I felt that way I should have known to scale things back, to maybe cut run distances in half or to skip my group fitness classes I’ve been going to try something new.

So as I head into week #17 and prepare for my last 20 miler I’m going to be listening to my body a lot better, and my focus will be on strength. I will be heading back to doing body pump twice a week, running three times a week and having a dedicated rest day too.  Above all, I will have fun doing it!

New shoes take getting used to. NYC Marathon Training week #14

So does everyone remember this photo I took last week?

"I think it might be time for new shoes" might be the understatement of the week.  Please note my pinky toe peeking out from a hole and the bottom of my shoes-they are slick, flat.

“I think it might be time for new shoes” might be the understatement of the week. Please note my pinky toe peeking out from a hole and the bottom of my shoes-they are slick, flat.

So my final run in these shoes was most of my easy run last Wednesday.  New running shoes always feel great on your feet, especially considering the condition my current shoes were in.  However, new shoes require a break in period and thus it’s been an adjustment.  I went with the same shoes, Brooks Ghost 7 will be on my feet for the NYC marathon.

Say " hello" to my new Brooks Ghost 7 shoes!

Say “
hello” to my new Brooks Ghost 7 shoes!

I ran twice in these shoes ( 6 miles and 8 miles) before doing 16 miles in them this past Saturday.  I thought that surely these shoes, considering they were the same brand and model as my last shoes would be fine to do a long run in. WRONG.  I was throughly sore and my achilles tendons pretty much hated me after that run.

Follow up that 16 miler with me playing in 2 soccer games on Sunday…also not a good decision.  I read this article from Runners World about someone who wrote in for advice, they did almost the same thing as me, they  had run too far in new shoes as well.  So things I have learned from the internet about breaking in your running shoes:

1. Go to a Running shoe store for your shoes, especially if it is your first pair of running shoes.  I always check with my buddies at my favorite running store before I buy new shoes.  In this case the Brooks Ghost 6 and 7 were basically the same shoe, no major changes.

2.  Wear your shoes during your shorter training runs, your fist 3 runs should be 6 miles or less.  Then wear them for a 10 mile run.

3.  Wear your new shoes around for walks in the neighbor hood or at work (if you can) for the first 3 weeks your have the shoes. My shoes can luckily be worn at work and thus that will help to break them in as well.

4. Take notes.  When running in your shoes, make notes about anything that hurts or does not feel right and compare your notes and make sure these issues are going away after 3 weeks.  If they are not resolving, get back to your running shoe store and talk to the gurus there.  9 times out of 10 they will have a solution for you, or suggest a better shoe for you.

5. NEVER RUN A MARATHON IN NEW SHOES.  EVER.  Only bad things will happen to you.

So to make up for all the abuse I did to myself, I will be visiting my favorite yoga studio at least twice this week.

502 Power Yoga in Douglas Loop!

502 Power Yoga located in Douglas Loop.

Yoga is a wonderful and easy to do exercise/cross training activity for runners.  502 Power yoga is a “warm” studio that teaches a flow style of yoga based on Baron Baptiste’s teaching style.  Translation: These classes are a good workout and stretch session, and the classes are fun and lighthearted.  No one in these class rooms is all stoic and the instructors are not strict drill sergeants that make you feel bad for holding a pose incorrectly.  Read more about this awesome studio here.  If you need a yoga buddy- I am here for you!

This past week was awesome, minus the achilles pain after running my 16 miler.  Scense from my long run this weekend:

2014-09-20 10.04.12

Fall is here, see the trees starting to change their colors!

2014-09-20 11.19.00

No, kidding, I saw a chicken on my run.

I even got to run into a friendly chicken on my run.   Around mile 11 I heard clucking in a nearby bush, and yes it was a chicken, a real, live, chicken, not the KFC variety.  This little guy was so friendly he even posed for a picture.

The weather was perfect, the high temperature of the day was right around 70 and it was overcast for most of the day with a light breeze.  I can only wish for that kind of amazing weather for New York in November.

I have almost 6 weeks left of training, and this weekend I will be running my 3rd 20 mile training run, I would love to dedicate the run to someone!  Our fundraising is sitting at just $3 shy from $300 dollars.  Remember for the rest of the month, to celebrate  the new Fall weather, you get a pumpkin spice latte for any donation amount made.

Happy Running friends!

What a Week! NYC Marathon Training Week #13

What a week!  It’s been an amazing week for me and I hope it has been for you too!  The week started off with an anonymous donation, and another story of someone loved that was lost to cancer (stomach cancer in this case) and I dedicated my Monday night run to their family member.  Then the donations kept coming, and as promised all these people got some yummy pumpkin spice lattes in return for their generosity.

On the way to work on Friday to hand out some pumpkin spice lattes to some awesome co-workers that donated!

On the way to work on Friday to hand out some pumpkin spice lattes to some awesome co-workers that donated!

I still have to get some lattes to a couple of people, I promise they are coming to you soon.  I’ve decided to keep this going, so if you are thinking about donating any amount, just think you get a yummy coffee in return, and if you don’t drink coffee, you can have another treat 😉

Our donations total $297 this week,we are almost to $300- that is awesome!

Training this week, it was also awesome too!

Monday- 10 mile run from work to home!

Tuesday-did some awesome Vinyasa yoga at 502 Power yoga

Wednesday-went to Lululemon’s studio of the month Baptist Milestone (which I am loving, it is a wonderful facility) for SHRED.  I will be going again this week at 7:30 for TABATA. I had to look up what TABATA is, click here if you too need an explaination. The classes are free, you should check it out!

2014-09-11 07.55.29Thursday- Morning run-on the treadmill due to rain-did some Tempo work for 8 miles and held an 8:30 minute/mile pace for 5 miles.  That was tough, but I did it!

Friday- Rest day supreme!  Went to a nice and chilly outdoor concert (the temperatures were in the 60s, we are in shock here in Louisville)

Saturday-  Long Run of 20 miles!

My Long Run was dedicated in memory of Charles Lee Fenwick, he was one of the first patients I got to work with on a treatment trial. He was also Heather’s Dad.  Heather is a Nurse clinician that I work with.  She is awesome to work with, she keeps us all laughing, even on bad days. Mr. Fenwick sadly passed away in May 2013 after battling Lung Cancer.  He was a great guy!  He told me all about barbecuing in Western KY and maybe gave me a few pointers on making it myself.  I still miss him, I only met him a couple of times, but I always kept in my prayers.  I still think about him and say a little prayer for his family, it is never easy to lose someone or to deal with their absence.

It was a fun and quiet run yesterday. As I ran through a wooded area, there was this beautiful (LARGE-almost scary large) deer that peeked out of the bush for a only a few seconds, too fast for me to get my phone off my arm.  Charles was a big hunter, Heather has told me she feels like her Dad sends her Deers sometimes… I somehow felt like he was saying “hi” to me and to Heather.

My run went awesome, I fueled my run the night prior with some chicken fried rice, and in the morning with a breakfast burrito (recipe from the feed zone, message me and I will send it to you), 8 ounces of Gatorade and a shot of Elevate.

Elevate shot from Thorne Fx supplements.  I take just one of these before my long runs for a little extra energy.

Elevate shot from Thorne Fx supplements. I take just one of these before my long runs for a little extra energy.

I ran through Brown and Seneca Parks, in Seneca park there was a 5k being set up, for FARE.  I had no idea about this organization, they did a good job with awareness, they had other small signs with fun facts about food allergies posted along the Seneca Loop.  Very interesting, especially for people that have food allergies ( I myself am allergic to avocados-yes I know this is sad).

I did not know this organization existed, but I am glad it does.  Food allergies are no fun and these people are researching to cure them and treat them.

I did not know this organization existed, but I am glad it does. Food allergies are no fun and these people are researching to cure them and treat them.

I pushed myself to sprint up the hills of Cherokee (if you sprint up hills, you get done with them faster).

Taking a break at mile 15 in Cherokee park!

Taking a break at mile 15 in Cherokee park!

Oh!  I almost forgot, my on run nutrition:

Mile 5 (1 hour into my run) : I had 100 grams or 20 grapes to eat with about 16 ounces of water.

Mile 11 ( 2hours and 15 minutes) : 2 salt tablets and one Honey Stinger gel with 16 ounces of water.

My total Run time was 3:57:29- which compared to my last 20 miler ( 4:13:58) is about 16 minutes faster.  Speed is not everything, but it’s nice to see that improvement once in awhile.  I also felt great when I got done, that is my true triumph, finishing a long run and not feeling “broken” is a BIG sign you are doing something right! After my run I was still tired and needed to sit for awhile, but that is pretty standard after running that far.

So what does week #14 look like?

Monday- Run 13 miles or do body pump

Tuesday-Run 13 miles (if not done on Monday) and yoga

Wednesday-visiting Lululemon’s studio of the Month for a TABATA class.  Once again, feel free to join, it is FREE!  Visit the Facebook page!

Thursday- Fierce Speed work will be done on the treadmill at the Y before the sun comes up,11 miles of fun!  Then yoga at 502 Power Yoga in the evening, this is a wonderful and fun studio, you should check them out too! 502 Power Yoga has a special deal right now, 40 days of unlimited yoga for $40.  This is a real savings if you take even 2 classes a week. Check them out-here!

Friday-Rest Day 🙂

Saturday- Run 16 miles before a good friend gets hitched!

HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE that donated this week, you guys are all AMAZING!

Dana, Alexis, Bryce, and Heather.  You are all my heroes and you put the biggest smile on my face! THANK YOU for Standing Up to Cancer with me!

In just 48 days I will be toeing the start line for the TCS NYC Marathon and I would love to get some more donations and to give more people some pumpkin spice lattes this week!

Happy Running!

A little R&R never killed anyone. NYC Marathon Training Week #12

So this week was dedicated to recovery, there was lots of stretching and foam rolling going on in my spare time, throw in some easy runs and one strength session, and one 10 mile long run, that was marvelous and I feel like I am recovered from my cold 🙂

So remember this schedule, what I actually did is in BOLD

Monday-Body Pump at the YMCA Rest Day ( Watch U of L’s first football game!) (Still felt fatigued, so I took it easy and took my puppies on a long walk)

Tuesday-Easy Run 10 5 miles  I took one last final rest day that involved just sitting still.

Wednesday- Body Pump at the YMCA ( we will see how I feel, if not, anyone up for Yoga?)   I took advantage of Lululemon’s studio of the month and took a power sculpt class at Baptist Milestone Gym.  It was a GREAT workout.  In addition, the gym was close enough to my house that I ran there and got a 4 mile run in.

Thursday- Easy Run 9 4.5 miles  10 mile  I felt fantastic by Thursday so I decided to do what I supposed to do on Tuesday.

Friday-Rest Day or Body Pump (crossing my fingers that I feel better by now) check!

Saturday: Long Run 10 miles ( This would be a great sponsor run!) Best 10 mile run I have had yet!!  My speed felt great, I averaged a whole minute faster than I normally do!


So a little rest never killed anyone, and it never ruined a marathon training schedule either, considering my 10 miler yesterday was just awesome! The important take away here is that, it’s okay to listen to your body and rest.  There is no shame in changing up your run schedule because you got a cold or an injury or it’s your wedding anniversary. Life is ever changing, so we should be okay with being flexible too, things that do not bend usually break.

So this week’s run/workout schedule looks very similar to what you have been seeing with some minor changes:

Monday-Easy run 10 miles

Tuesday-Maybe Yoga.

Wednesday- Strength workout, going to continue taking advantage of Lululemon’s studio of the month and visit Baptist Milestone.

Thursday-Tempo work- 8 miles

Friday-Dedicated rest day (I might sneak a Body Pump class in)

Saturday- Long Run 20 miles, anyone want to meet for lunch/brunch?  Remember if you sponsor the run, and this is first come first serve-you can pick where I meet up with you and I get to buy you your favorite coffee or treat with our meal 😉

Remember that Fall is here!  That means the season of all things flavored with Pumpkin are here!

#Seenonmyrun Fall is here, look pumpkins!

#Seenonmyrun Fall is here, look pumpkins!

We had no new donations this week, but I have 8 more weeks to get a little closer to my goal.  We are 14% there, and that is better than 0%!  Thanks for all the encouragement and support, I love it! It keeps me going!  Stand Up to Cancer had their big TV event on Friday,September 5th.  I caught a few minutes of the broadcast, it was definitely full of  great stories and brought lots of awareness.  I hope some of you donated that night 🙂  It was a successful night, read about it here.


If you did not donate, please consider donating a $1 right now.


Happy Running!



Fall 7 times, Stand Up 8-Week 12

So, first things first- I have never been good at keeping up with a lot of happenings all at once.  The last time I posted I was only on Week 5 of training, I am now on week 12 and my fundraising is currently sitting at only 14% of my goal, we have raised $142.oo to date.  Managing a fundraising campaign and training for a marathon was, has been tough to do and at times I have felt like a failure.  I really want this marathon to be meaningful and that is why I decided to do this, and that’s why I am not giving up.  I am going to try to resume blogging once a week and being more present on social media.  Please don’t give up on me either, please keep cheering me on.

So all my runs have went well!  I conquered my first 20 miler on August 16th, I felt great afterwards, everything was in check from nutrition all the way to the clothing I was wearing (I tried out Balega socks and they were amazing, special Thanks to Erika for recommending them!)  I also had the most amazing Vegan pancakes ever at Meridian Cafe.  My nutrition notes from that day include:

1. My night before the run meal: Basil Fried Rice with a glass of red wine

2. Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito (burrito with turkey, sweet potato, kidney beans, egg and cheese, recipe came from The Feed Zone, private message me and I can send you a copy of the recipe, but I really recommend the cook book for athletes), also had gatorade, banana and Elevate, which is a pre-run energy boost drink.

3. During the run:  I took 8 oz of water after mile 6, I also stopped by my house for some grapes ( I had about 10) and a quick drink of gatorade.  This really super charged me for awhile.  I continued to take 8 oz of water every 3 miles.  At Mile 10 I took 2 salt tabs, I have never done this before, but I think it made a big difference in muscle soreness/cramping, I had no problems with cramps or soreness during my run.  At miles 13 and 18 I took in a Honey Stinger gel and 16 oz of water.

4. After the run, I had those awesome pancakes that I mentioned above with some chocolate milk.  The next day I had no muscle soreness, it was great!

The run itself took me 4 hours and 13 minutes.  It’s not a super amazing time or pace,but the fact that it went really well makes me feel like my training is coming along and that I am almost ready for the big race…..then the next weekend happened.

2014-08-22 12.52.07

Our Fancy Pink Mustang that we got to hop into for a photo op while representing Clinical Trials at the KY State Fair.

Weeks 10 and 11 have not been as fruitful.  Week 10 was a crazy weekend that included me working at the Kentucky State Fair, hosting a bachelorette party (Congratulations to my awesome friend Whitney!), going to a bridal shower ( Congrats again Whitney! I may have joked with her about how that was my Whitney weekend) and then I concluded the weekend by volunteering at Ironman Louisville for 8 hours

.  By the way-everyone should volunteer at Ironman!  I had a blast!  I have never been thanked so much in one day!  After volunteering I come home and run my long run, 13 miles in 90 degree heat, the heat index was near 100 and lets just say it was not pretty.  Then I got sick

2014-08-24 09.29.38

I volunteered at Ironman Louisville! I was at the Bike Special Needs station that was at miles 33 and 67 of the bike course.


with a virus/head cold.Week 11’s runs were either canceled or the mileage was reduced by 1/2.  I completed my long run of 16 miles yesterday, but once again it was not pretty and it was a struggle.  This weekend involved a lot of awesome social activities too (Congratulations Michele!) and not a lot of rest was had.  So with that in mind as I head into week 12 I will most likely keep my mileage low and try to recover.

So that means Week 12 will look like this:

Monday-Body Pump at the YMCA  Rest Day ( Watch U of L’s first football game!)

Tuesday-Easy Run 10 5 miles

Wednesday- Body Pump at the YMCA ( we will see how I feel, if not, anyone up for Yoga?)

Thursday- Easy Run 9  4.5 miles

Friday-Rest Day or Body Pump (crossing my fingers that I feel better by now)

Saturday: Long Run 10 miles ( This would be a great sponsor run!)

Friends please share my Crowdrise page with your friends, your family, and random people on the street-https://www.crowdrise.com/anastasiaruns

I want my runs to be meaningful and I would love it if we could do one this week in memory of someone near and dear to you, or if you want to celebrate someone please think about being part of Stand Up to Cancer’s efforts.

Actually here is a special offer:  Anyone that sponsors my long runs during the weekend of September, you pick a brunch place and I will treat you to your favorite coffee or drink of choice or your favorite treat, like a cinnamon roll.  I will meet you there after my run!

Happy Labor Day Everyone and Happy Running (Recovering in my case)