Ready, set, GO!

So to be completely honest, I haven’t ran a whole lot since I finished the Kentucky Derby Festival marathon back in April.

Have I mentioned that was the most painful marathon I have ever ran? If you hang out with me-you have heard about it, maybe too much. I was really disappointed in my pace, I finished the marathon in 4:47. Not a personal best, but I was okay with it, considering my feet hurt and my calves were on fire from mile 20 to the finish line.
Take a step back…
A few weeks prior to the KDF marathon I started noticing pain in my heel on my long runs, then I went to a local orthopaedic/ sports medicine doc-boom! I have Achilles tendonitis. Luckily this doc understood my want to not throw away my 4 months of training and she helped me get through the race with medication and ice and stretches. Lots of stretching. So I started running again. This time I was training for the Bourbon derby half marathon coming up this weekend. I thought I was done being injured, boy was I wrong. I went. I had the same pain again, only now it was popping up during 6 mile runs, 3 milers and finally during a 2 mile run. I knew I had to do something, so I started physical therapy.

Enter Dry Needling

My Physical Therapist (PT) has been great, we’re doing specific exercises to strengthen my hips and my calves. They are also doing dry needling with me. It’s a lot like acupuncture, but there are differences. Read More here

This is not a link to my PT’s practice, but this is the best description I could find.


Yes that is a picture of my leg, and no I don’t really even feel the needles. The great thing is that I got practically instant relief. The bad thing, for the past two weeks I have not ran at all, I have walked and strength trained, but that is all. So I am a little afraid for tomorrow, but all I can say is…challenge accepted.

So I will be running the Bourbon Derby Half Marathon in a few hours, wish me luck! Don’t worry I will recap my race for you as well!

I would also like to give a special big “Thank You” to everyone that liked my Facebook page, shared it, followed me on Twitter and just gave me your support, that means a lot to me.

I also Thank my Donors-we’re up to $85 donated which I am ecstatic about! Thank you again Darrell, Andy, Nicole, and Travis!

Happy Running!


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