What to expect from this blog

After starting this blog and reading a few others, I feel like I need to lay down some ground rules of what you will read here.

1. This blog is to detail my journey of training for my dream race and my efforts to fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer.

2. Also, no judgement is allowed. When I say that, I mean to say that my struggles and hopes and dreams are real-just like yours! No matter how big or small of an accomplishment, it is still an accomplishment!  Please treat my little dream with respect and please treat other people’s dreams with respect, go walk a mile in their shoes before you disrespect their accomplishment.  I run at a pace of 10:something minutes per mile, and I have finished all my marathons- I am proud of just finishing, it is still an accomplishment. I didn’t qualify for Boston, I just finished.  That is still GREAT!  Another thing to mention: no matter how small or big your donation is to my dream it might be as small as liking my Facebook page, doing a run or workout with me,or as large as $100, I will give you a Big Thank You and be eternally grateful for the support. Training for a marathon is not easy, neither is curing cancer, and there is strength in numbers.

3. Please share your accomplishments and fitness adventures/goals in the comments or on our Facebook page.  I love to hear about others’ fitness pursuits and goals, no matter if you are building endurance to walk a 5K or you are training for your 3rd Ironman triathlon, I would love to hear about it.  Running or walking a 5K is always awesome!  Running or walking a mile is awesome, too!  I want to cheer you guys on in your pursuits too, especially if you are going to cheer me on and support me.  Also if you want to share how cancer has affected your life, please share it.  Sharing is sometimes a good thing and it helps others know that they are not alone, that someone else if fighting for their life or that someone else still misses someone everyday because their loved one lost the battle.  I have a story and I will share it later. #Istillmissthem

4. Weekly training re-caps. I’ll tell you how I’m doing with training and with fundraising.

5. Weekly donations. I’ll keep you up to date on how we’re doing, and how far we are from the goal. I will share some fun ways to donate too,for example, would anyone like to sponsor my next run? Mileage is under 15 miles, 50 cents a mile or a $1 a mile? Also: be prepared-you will be bragged on… Unless you want to remain anonymous, in which case I will say “Thank you to our friend’s donation!” 😉.

6.  I will also be reposting advice and good articles that I find on Twitter and on Facebook, please be prepared to read about all the good research and good running in the world.


Stay tuned for a Training Report after my long run tomorrow, and for real anyone want to sponsor my long run?

Happy Running Friends!

#NYCMarathon #SU2C #istillmissthem #blogging


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