NYC Marathon Training-Week #1 & Bourbon Derby Review

So it begins, my marathon training.  I kicked it off by running a half marathon last weekend-I ran the inaugural Bourbon Derby half  in Paris, KY.  I will start by telling you a little bit about that race.

Bourbon Derby Half Marathon Review

Paris, Ky is a nice small town, it is the heart of horse country.  Paris is only 88 miles from Louisville, Ky and we only had to leave my house around 5:15 AM, no big deal.  I am currently tweaking my pre-race breakfast and am trying to find the best pre-run food that works for me, since I had an hour car ride ahead of me I heated up a breakfast burrito, I make these every week and I freeze them and then put them in the refrigerator the night prior to thaw and then I pop one in the microwave for a nice hearty breakfast.  These burritos were made with mashed sweet potato, eggs, ground turkey, cilantro, a little cheese, liquid amino acids and a special taco spice.  I got the recipe from “The Feed Zone” cook book, it is by far my favorite athlete cook book, if you want the recipe, just email me and I will be happy to share it. I had a Gatorade G2 to wash it down.

I must say it was a well run event.  It was a small race, I think there were overall maybe 500 runners and walkers present.  There was easy parking at the start/finish area, it was at the Bourbon County Drive In Movies, so there was ample and easy parking.  This race was kind enough to offer race day packet pick up,one of the downfalls of the race is that I did find that when I got there that there were no longer any size small or extra small shirts, but my name and address was taken down and I was promised to be mailed a shirt.   They apologized profusely that I did not get my shirt that day.  I hate to say it, but I do love my race t-shirts (I’ll run a 100 miles and pay $100 to run as long as you give me a t-shirt, yes we runners are funny people) and I was a little sad that I did not get a t-shirt, but these things happen and I have lots of t-shirts, I think I will survive.  Also another reason this race was awesome-there was some sort of ordering snafu that happened with the t-shirt company ( we were emailed about this snafu 2 days prior to the race) and there were no women’s/men’s sizes made as indicated on our registration form, they were all uni sex.  I personally love uni sex shirts, the smalls fit me better.  However to make up for this snafu, the race coordinators gave us free picture downloads, as many as we want!  Free!  I will call this a win!  I also love my race pictures too!

The race offered three different distances to run- 13.1 miles (half marathon), 10 miles and 4 miles.  These races did not start all together, the half started at 7:30 AM, the 10 miler at 7:40 and the 4 miler at 7:50.  We were off and running on time and the course had all the hills it promised.  The hills were rolling and short, I did find it to be a challenging course, but it was not an impossible challenge and it was fun!  This was easily one of the most beautiful races I have ever run.  We got to run through 3 different horse farms and at each one we were greeted with beautiful green fields, some with horses running up and down the fence line, it even looked like some of them were running with us.  It was the most beautiful and wonderful sight to see!

2014-06-14 08.59.36

2014-06-14 08.12.59  2014-06-14 08.53.22

These are some photos that I snapped myself, I sadly had a blonde moment and thought I had filmed the horses running around on one farm, turns out what I thought was the button to stop the video was the button to start….and I filmed the pavement that I was running on.    oops.  I sadly did not get any pictures of the horses, but trust me they are wonderful and beautiful!  The photographer got a few good shots of me running too! This is around mile 3.

The Bourbon Derby


This is around mile 8

The Bourbon Derby


The only other snafu this race had were the mile markers, they were a little off, when I finished the race I looked down at my Garmin and saw that it only read 12.7 mile

.2014-06-14 11.43.25

Bummer, I was pretty excited because 2:04:59 was a personal best for me.  Oh well.  This is still awesome considering that I had not hit the pavement even once in the last few weeks.  I also made it through the race without any major achilles pain!  Woot!  The race finish line was amazing as well, there were turkey and ham wraps provided by a local delhi shop, fresh orange slices, bananas, water, orange juice, and chocolate milk.  Special thanks to my friend Mona who car pooled with me and  ran the 10 miler!  We rewarded our selves by then going to Lexington, KY and having brunch at Doodles (go try it ASAP if you live in Lexington) and picking up a present for the hubby at Country boy Brewing.

NYC Marathon training week #1

To wrap this post up, training week #1 went well…until about Friday night.  I unfortunately developed a cold that I may or may have not caught from my *cough, cough*husband.  So my first long run will be delayed to next weekend.  I did manage to get in some training time this week:

Sunday: Rest Day after the half marathon

Monday: 5 mile easy run

Tuesday: 10 minutes of core work

Wednesday: Body Pump at the YMCA-60 minutes total body- strength training

Thursday: 6 mile Tempo Run, warm up pace for 1 mile and then 4 miles at 9:00 min/mile pace, and 1 mile cool down pace.

Friday:  15 minutes of leg work + hour long walk with puppies ( harder than it sounds)

Saturday:  I started coughing, and wheezing and generally feeling bad late Friday night.  Bummer.  I took to the internet and found multiple sources telling me not to run.  The best “should I run while sick?”  advice that I saw, came from .

My next easy run will be on Tuesday hopefully when I have no more respiratory symptoms, no fever and no fatigue.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Happy Running!





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