NYC Marathon Training-Week#2

This was a tough training week, my mantra for the week was this:

My mantra all week long while battling a summer cold.  Whoever said that summer colds are the worst-they are very correct.

My mantra all week long while battling a summer cold. Whoever said that summer colds are the worst-they are very correct.

Having a cold in the summer time is 0% fun.  I felt better on Monday,but not awesome, so I begrudgingly I went to body pump at the YMCA for an hour of strength training.  The cool thing about this Body Pump class, our regular instructor was out on vacation so we had a sub-who was in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy and she kicked our booties. This lady  was growing a person and she did all the exercises with us, and she kicked our butts! Needless to say I am inspired and now aspire to be “that Mom” one day.  Tuesday’s  run was not fun for me, I went in the early AM prior to work, I then proceeded to cough up a lung at work and was sent home from work for some R&R.  My cold continued to drag on through Wednesday, but did start to fade enough on Thursday that I got in an awesome speed work out.  Every time I got started with a workout and I started to talk myself out of it, I reminded myself that no one regrets their workout, no one.

Good News from the week:  Physical Therapy has concluded, I got a clean bill of health on Friday and have been given to go ahead to resume all training, but keep up my hip and calf exercises. So I will be continuing to do about 20 reps a day of leg lifts, leg raises, and clam shells.  It is a small price to pay to run happy.

Long Run:  12 miles were conquered yesterday!  Here is my Garmin Info if you want to take a peek.  The Garmin Connect sight has been going through some updates so it may not be available when you click, so here is snap shot of what my route looked like:

12 mile Long Run

12 mile Long Run

I had a very kind anonymous donor sponsor the run, $1 per mile.  This run was done in memory of Betty who had breast cancer and passed away.  Yesterday morning was very overcast and it even sprinkled a little bit on me, which felt nice considering when I was just one mile into my run I was already a sweaty mess.  I started enjoying my run right about the time I got into Brown Park, it was early morning, the sun was just coming up and since there was no one around I decided to sprint, and stretch my arms out and look up.  I like to do that, it feels like you are flying and you are as free as the birds that circle around you. Every chirp they make feels like a cheer ” come on little human you can do it! Fly with us!”  While doing this I caught a particularly wonderful sight and I decided to stop and take a photo.  The hole in the trees, I imagine would be a target to fly to if I could actually take off and fly from the spot I stood in.  This is the kind of deep thoughts you have while on a long run alone.  I also take a second to think about who the run is in memory of, Betty who I never knew, but I know the world is little less full for her family that misses her. Stupid cancer * kicks rock, accidentally hits duck.  The duck may or may not have then come after me and due to a traumatic duck experience as a child, I  hauled tail to get away from it.*

2014-06-28 07.19.22

A good artsy title for this photo would be “Flying up in Brown Park”


All in all it was a great run, I averaged only a 12:30 pace, and I ask myself “How did you do a 9:something pace just two weeks ago at a race?  Do I do better in a group?  Do I have time to run with a group? Am I just getting slower as I get older?” I can ask these questions all day, but the important thing is- I did it.

2014-06-24 19.31.21-1

I had a tried and true breakfast, my Gatorade and honey stinger waffle, giving me 145 calories to fuel my run, which may have not been enough, but it usually works for me in terms of not causing GI distress andI stay pretty energetic for the run.  I did try out some new post race fuel, Zico coconut water, lots of people have told me it is better than Gatorade and healthier.  While I was able to stomach it, it tasted great while drinking it, but the after taste is not my favorite and I had to wash my mouth out.The coconut water has a very milk like taste, but it is much lighter than milk.  I still like the tang of Gatorade better when I finish a run, another favorite post run drink is chocolate almond milk.  I think that coconut would be great in a smoothie, but on it’s own I am not sure.  Today post my run I am no less or more sore than normal, so as for the claims that Coconut water is better for recovery, I did not find it any more helpful.  I did not get to try the Lara Bar ALT bar out, which has 10 grams of protein, I will save that for next week.

Fundraising update:

We had two new donations this week!  *happy dance*  Gary and Joan Bridgewater donated yesterday in memory of Joe Kline, Joan’s Father who passed away with colon cancer.  Gary and Joan helped me and my husband find our dream home, they were very patient and awesome realtors and I am honored that they want to donate to this fundraiser and support me.  Their donation and our anonymous donor that donated in memory of Betty, bring the total to $132.00, that means I have raised 13% of my total goal!  Awesome!

NYC Training Week #2:

Strength training: 2 Body Pump classes Monday and Wednesday (2 hours)

Running: 20 miles (4.5 hours)

This week will be a little different with the upcoming holiday, I will most likely be running still on Tuesday/Thursday, but my long run will be on Monday when I get back from a Red River Gorge Trip.

Until then- Happy Running!



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