NYC Marathon Week #3 & #4, & the cool stuff I did this summer

“Where have you been?”

Answer:  To welcome in July and celebrate Independence day we took a mini vacation with friends to Red River Gorge, KY.  In doing so, it threw my schedule off a little, but I am back.  Our trip involved me doing back to back runs on Tuesday and Wednesday since we would be traveling on Thursday.  Our group is not a fan of real camping (sleeping on the ground, pitching a tent, worrying about being eaten by bears, etc.)  so we rented a cabin.  We stayed 3 days and 4 nights, ate at Miguel’s Pizza, Sky Bridge Station ( which was amazing, best. hot. dog. ever.) one of our friends made an awesome egg  frittata, we hiked 9 miles on Friday and only 3 on Saturday, it was loads of fun!  See Look:

2014-07-03 20.10.33 2014-07-04 12.13.49 IMG_0937IMG_09182014-07-04 13.09.15 2014-07-04 15.03.18 2014-07-05 11.09.56 2014-07-05 16.35.49 IMG_0956 IMG_0987  2014-07-04 12.19.45IMG_1000IMG_1058  2014-07-04 13.01.34 2014-07-05 14.43.09



So we hiked a lot and relaxed and then came home on Sunday evening and I decided ( since we had amazing weather, it was in the 80s here in KY!) to go ahead and run 14 miles.  I ran 14 miles on some already fatigued legs and by mile 12 I was miserable and running a 13:30 minute/mile pace because my achilles tendons were angry.  So back to my Physical Therapist I went on Tuesday and I got the “hiking + Running+ coming off an injury, maybe a bad idea” talk.   Lesson learned: Rest even when you feel awesome and invincible.

So for now my friends, my long runs will only be between 10 and 16 miles until I build up enough strength and endurance in my calf muscles to make it through a longer run.  I’m continuing to do exercises for that, stretches and just building endurance all together.  I also started a 30 day ab challenge with a friend for the month, today is day 13 and I’m going strong!  I do some sort of ab work daily, 2-3 days a week I am doing this ab work exercise from a website I recently found and it has lots of great strength training info.

Oh and remember when I said I was going to try out ALT  bars from Lara Bar, well I did try it out ,an hour before a run,and I was impressed! Not only did it taste awesome, but it was definitely some good pre-run fuel


2014-06-24 19.31.21-1

So week 3 was good and I completed all my runs, it was just a little tougher for me.

Week 3 Recap:

Strength Training- Body Pump: all over strenght work 2 hours

Running: 25 miles total

Hiking: 12 miles total

Core work: 36 minutes

Week #4 

Strength Training- Body Pump: all over strenght work 2 hours

Running: 15 miles

Core work: 44 minutes

Fundraising:  We have not had any new donations yet, but we have raised $132.00 in support for Stand Up to Cancer.  Go us!  Please remember to share the Facebook page with your friends, it links directly to my Crowdrise page and it is easy to donate!

The fun thing I did just yesterday, is try Orange Theory Fitness.  I tried a class for free, and I have to say I was impressed.  It is a good one hour work out, I am actually a little sore from it. It is only a one hour work out, but it has a cardio and strength component to it  and it is as challenging as you want to make it. They give you a heart rate monitor to wear so you can see how hard you are pushing yourself throughout the workout.  It’s a neat idea and I think I will try them out again in the future.


So Week 5 will bring me lots more training, but a shorter long run.  To keep myself in shape and keep up my endurance I will be doing lots of cross training on the bike and in the pool.  If anyone wants to join me for a work out, let me know!  I do like company!  


Happy Running my friends!


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