NYC Marathon Training Week #5-

This past Monday I posted this quote for #Motivational Monday 2014-07-14 13.58.22

That has been the theme of the week, everything has improved this week, I was better than I have been.  I missed zero runs, I got to do all my work outs, even my physical therapy exercises, and the achilles tendonitis problem has improved greatly!  So this week when you try to compare yourself to others, remember you just have to improve for yourself, you have to be better than the old you!

My long run today was scheduled as a 16 miler, but I had already come to terms with the possibility that I could only do 10 miles.  I had kept up with all my Physical Therapy exercises, and they were getting easier for me, so I had a spark of hope that I could do more than 10 miles, maybe 13?!?!  So the idea was to see how I felt at mile 10 and then take it from there.  I had my breakfast, a banana and some orange juice, and off I went.  By the way, that breakfast agreed with my stomach, but i don’t know that it was enough for fuel for the run.  At mile 6.2 I stopped by my house and had 8 oz of water and 4 oz of Gatorade G2. I felt pretty stellar at mile 10 so I kept going, at mile 12 I had developed the munchies and had my snack-cliff shots gummy chews along with more water (I know from experience to never-NEVER-take a gel or gummy without some water, at least about 8 oz.). At mile 13.5 I finally felt an ache from the achielles, but I decided to struggle through it, after all I was 2.5 miles from being done, and that’s easy.  I finished my run with a little bit of pain, but nothing like it had been.  I was pretty pumped!  I came home to an awesome breakfast and coffee made by my better half (amazing fried egg, bacon and coffee), training for a marathon is hard no matter what, and having support like that is so awesome.  Need less to say, I am thankful.

So Week #5-It’s getting better!

Running- Total miles: 29 miles, 5 hours and 25 minutes

Core work: 75 minutes ( I am on day #20 of my 30 day challenge)

Strength Training: Body Pump at the YMCA ( did it twice this week) & did an Orange Theory Fitness work out that involved some strength training.

* Side Note:  Orange Theory Fitness has proved to be a lot of fun and it is a good work out for me on Saturday mornings.  Special “Thank You” to my some good friends and weekend warriors that came with me to Orange Theory fitness with me at 7 AM, on a Saturday.

Oh and I decided to play in recreational soccer league on Sundays, so today, after running 16 miles this morning I played soccer in the evening…it went okay.  I surprised myself with how well I kept up, and it was a lot of fun.

The Fundraising is still going strong, we have $132.00 earned as of now.

That’s all for now, until next week. What week#6 will bring for me?  

Happy Running



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