A little R&R never killed anyone. NYC Marathon Training Week #12

So this week was dedicated to recovery, there was lots of stretching and foam rolling going on in my spare time, throw in some easy runs and one strength session, and one 10 mile long run, that was marvelous and I feel like I am recovered from my cold 🙂

So remember this schedule, what I actually did is in BOLD

Monday-Body Pump at the YMCA Rest Day ( Watch U of L’s first football game!) (Still felt fatigued, so I took it easy and took my puppies on a long walk)

Tuesday-Easy Run 10 5 miles  I took one last final rest day that involved just sitting still.

Wednesday- Body Pump at the YMCA ( we will see how I feel, if not, anyone up for Yoga?)   I took advantage of Lululemon’s studio of the month and took a power sculpt class at Baptist Milestone Gym.  It was a GREAT workout.  In addition, the gym was close enough to my house that I ran there and got a 4 mile run in.

Thursday- Easy Run 9 4.5 miles  10 mile  I felt fantastic by Thursday so I decided to do what I supposed to do on Tuesday.

Friday-Rest Day or Body Pump (crossing my fingers that I feel better by now) check!

Saturday: Long Run 10 miles ( This would be a great sponsor run!) Best 10 mile run I have had yet!!  My speed felt great, I averaged a whole minute faster than I normally do!


So a little rest never killed anyone, and it never ruined a marathon training schedule either, considering my 10 miler yesterday was just awesome! The important take away here is that, it’s okay to listen to your body and rest.  There is no shame in changing up your run schedule because you got a cold or an injury or it’s your wedding anniversary. Life is ever changing, so we should be okay with being flexible too, things that do not bend usually break.

So this week’s run/workout schedule looks very similar to what you have been seeing with some minor changes:

Monday-Easy run 10 miles

Tuesday-Maybe Yoga.

Wednesday- Strength workout, going to continue taking advantage of Lululemon’s studio of the month and visit Baptist Milestone.

Thursday-Tempo work- 8 miles

Friday-Dedicated rest day (I might sneak a Body Pump class in)

Saturday- Long Run 20 miles, anyone want to meet for lunch/brunch?  Remember if you sponsor the run, and this is first come first serve-you can pick where I meet up with you and I get to buy you your favorite coffee or treat with our meal 😉

Remember that Fall is here!  That means the season of all things flavored with Pumpkin are here!

#Seenonmyrun Fall is here, look pumpkins!

#Seenonmyrun Fall is here, look pumpkins!

We had no new donations this week, but I have 8 more weeks to get a little closer to my goal.  We are 14% there, and that is better than 0%!  Thanks for all the encouragement and support, I love it! It keeps me going!  Stand Up to Cancer had their big TV event on Friday,September 5th.  I caught a few minutes of the broadcast, it was definitely full of  great stories and brought lots of awareness.  I hope some of you donated that night 🙂  It was a successful night, read about it here.


If you did not donate, please consider donating a $1 right now.


Happy Running!




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