New shoes take getting used to. NYC Marathon Training week #14

So does everyone remember this photo I took last week?

"I think it might be time for new shoes" might be the understatement of the week.  Please note my pinky toe peeking out from a hole and the bottom of my shoes-they are slick, flat.

“I think it might be time for new shoes” might be the understatement of the week. Please note my pinky toe peeking out from a hole and the bottom of my shoes-they are slick, flat.

So my final run in these shoes was most of my easy run last Wednesday.  New running shoes always feel great on your feet, especially considering the condition my current shoes were in.  However, new shoes require a break in period and thus it’s been an adjustment.  I went with the same shoes, Brooks Ghost 7 will be on my feet for the NYC marathon.

Say " hello" to my new Brooks Ghost 7 shoes!

Say “
hello” to my new Brooks Ghost 7 shoes!

I ran twice in these shoes ( 6 miles and 8 miles) before doing 16 miles in them this past Saturday.  I thought that surely these shoes, considering they were the same brand and model as my last shoes would be fine to do a long run in. WRONG.  I was throughly sore and my achilles tendons pretty much hated me after that run.

Follow up that 16 miler with me playing in 2 soccer games on Sunday…also not a good decision.  I read this article from Runners World about someone who wrote in for advice, they did almost the same thing as me, they  had run too far in new shoes as well.  So things I have learned from the internet about breaking in your running shoes:

1. Go to a Running shoe store for your shoes, especially if it is your first pair of running shoes.  I always check with my buddies at my favorite running store before I buy new shoes.  In this case the Brooks Ghost 6 and 7 were basically the same shoe, no major changes.

2.  Wear your shoes during your shorter training runs, your fist 3 runs should be 6 miles or less.  Then wear them for a 10 mile run.

3.  Wear your new shoes around for walks in the neighbor hood or at work (if you can) for the first 3 weeks your have the shoes. My shoes can luckily be worn at work and thus that will help to break them in as well.

4. Take notes.  When running in your shoes, make notes about anything that hurts or does not feel right and compare your notes and make sure these issues are going away after 3 weeks.  If they are not resolving, get back to your running shoe store and talk to the gurus there.  9 times out of 10 they will have a solution for you, or suggest a better shoe for you.

5. NEVER RUN A MARATHON IN NEW SHOES.  EVER.  Only bad things will happen to you.

So to make up for all the abuse I did to myself, I will be visiting my favorite yoga studio at least twice this week.

502 Power Yoga in Douglas Loop!

502 Power Yoga located in Douglas Loop.

Yoga is a wonderful and easy to do exercise/cross training activity for runners.  502 Power yoga is a “warm” studio that teaches a flow style of yoga based on Baron Baptiste’s teaching style.  Translation: These classes are a good workout and stretch session, and the classes are fun and lighthearted.  No one in these class rooms is all stoic and the instructors are not strict drill sergeants that make you feel bad for holding a pose incorrectly.  Read more about this awesome studio here.  If you need a yoga buddy- I am here for you!

This past week was awesome, minus the achilles pain after running my 16 miler.  Scense from my long run this weekend:

2014-09-20 10.04.12

Fall is here, see the trees starting to change their colors!

2014-09-20 11.19.00

No, kidding, I saw a chicken on my run.

I even got to run into a friendly chicken on my run.   Around mile 11 I heard clucking in a nearby bush, and yes it was a chicken, a real, live, chicken, not the KFC variety.  This little guy was so friendly he even posed for a picture.

The weather was perfect, the high temperature of the day was right around 70 and it was overcast for most of the day with a light breeze.  I can only wish for that kind of amazing weather for New York in November.

I have almost 6 weeks left of training, and this weekend I will be running my 3rd 20 mile training run, I would love to dedicate the run to someone!  Our fundraising is sitting at just $3 shy from $300 dollars.  Remember for the rest of the month, to celebrate  the new Fall weather, you get a pumpkin spice latte for any donation amount made.

Happy Running friends!


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