Less is More-NYC Marathon training Weeks 15 &16!

Is’t it amazing when you step away from something for awhile, you see things clearly?  In my case, week 15 was the week I did not see clearly.  I ran a 20 miler at the end of the week, I missed none of my runs, no big deal I missed some precious hours of sleep to get it all in.  When I say get it all in, I mean to say that I did my runs and I did hot yoga-twice, and then I did a group strength work out at a local gym and then…..then my 20 miler hurt.  The achilles tendonitis pain returned with a vengeance. I got through it, and then I kept going and pushed myself to exhaustion at a soccer game (playing three games in a row was a bit much).  Severe dehydration and fatigue set in and I had to miss work.

So while I was trying to figure out where it all went wrong and how, when I did everything I was supposed to do, I still did not achieve awesomness on my long run….it completely bewildered me.  I rested, as instructed by medical professionals all day on Monday, which was tougher than it sounds.  Then when I got up on Tuesday morning, well rested and feeling great, yes you read correctly, I felt great!  I had no soreness, I wasn’t groggy from too little sleep…that’s when I decided to keep taking it easy and see where it went.  I still did yoga and did a short 4 miler last week, along with calf raises to address my achilles problems.  My long run this weekend, which was 12 miles, was awesome!

Part of my 12 miles was run in The Parklands during the Great Pumpkin 10k.  I was beyond excited with my race time, it was under an hour for the 10k. 🙂  I also ran with no pain and I kept a 9:30 pace for most of the race.  Special thanks to a good friend that ran with me at the 10k, she was definitely a good motivator for me 🙂

Me and some close friends after the Great Pumpkin 10k!

Me and some close friends after the Great Pumpkin 10k!

After I got done with my 10k race and finished up my 12 miler, that’s when it hit me…I’ve really focused on the wrong things the past couple of weeks.  I’ve had a lot of fun doing hot yoga and doing TABATA classes, and it’s all great for me, but I really needed to focus on strength and it’s great to try new things, like the group classes I have been going to with Lululemon, but I had a good system, I was giving my body what it needed to be prepared to run a marathon.  I felt run down and fatigued for a reason, when I felt that way I should have known to scale things back, to maybe cut run distances in half or to skip my group fitness classes I’ve been going to try something new.

So as I head into week #17 and prepare for my last 20 miler I’m going to be listening to my body a lot better, and my focus will be on strength. I will be heading back to doing body pump twice a week, running three times a week and having a dedicated rest day too.  Above all, I will have fun doing it!


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