Taper time is Upon Us! NYC Marathon Training Week #17

I guess I am a lot like everyone, when I say everyone I mean to say that I try to cram as much Fun/Fitness/house chore/productivity as I can into my weekend.  This weekend was my final 20 mile run and was I prepared for that: NO. Should I have been?  Yeah, probably considering this was my 4th 20 miler and technically should have been my easiest run yet.  Oh well.

In an effort to cram ALL the FUN things in, I did not get enough sleep this week.  So my run yesterday was slower than I wanted, I did a lot of things wrong.

1. Not enough sleep, I averaged 5 hours of sleep a night last week.

2. Not enough Foam rolling= cardinal sin of running.

3. Did not Fuel properly the night prior, but the food was delicious! Feast BBQ in New Albany, IN is just awesome, go try it out!

4. Stretching.  Didn’t do that either.

All these mistakes happened because I was trying incredibly hard to get my door by 7:30 AM so I would be finished by noon. I wanted to finish by noon so I could cram more things in, like house chores, prep for a shower that I am throwing in a couple of weeks, etc.   I was still finished by noon, but total time for 21 miles (and yes I also overshot my mileage) was 5 hours.  My pace was around 14:00 minutes/mile.  Ouch.  The only cool thing about this run-I saw an owl, it was a creepy owl too!  He even turned around to look at me, as in he turned his head completely around.

Creepy owl that flew in front of me during my run.  Owls are my Mom's favorite animal so I welcome his creepiness.

Creepy owl that flew in front of me during my run. Owls are my Mom’s favorite animal so I welcome his creepiness.

2014-10-11 10.57.29

Mr. Owl decided to turn his head almost completely around to look at me. Shortly after being shot this look I got back to my run. He looked a little angry, don’t you think?

2014-10-11 10.56.42

Would I change anything about this week….hmm maybe. yeah, but I would not want to miss any of the things that I crammed in.  I loved going to yoga, I loved finishing season 2 of Game of Thrones with a good friend, I loved getting Mellow Mushroom late on Thursday night with my husband, and I especially loved celebrating a good friend’s birthday on Friday night.

I am constantly told that I push myself too hard.  I do, I already know this.  I love every part of my life though, it’s crazy busy, but gosh I love it all.  So, I will learn from this and on Saturday November 1st, my butt will be in bed at 8:30 PM.

I think I try to do as much as I can because I deal with people who say they wish they had more time, they wish they were not sick and that they could do all the fun things there are to do.  I try to seize the day everyday, partially for those that can’t.  One of my patients asked me this past week how I was, what was my next marathon and I told her it was NYC, she asked if I would run for her, I told ” I will run extra hard just for you.”  This patient always has a smile on her face, even though she is in a world of pain, she still smiles. I’ve told her a couple of times, she really inspires me.

So that’s why I’m asking everyone, if you have donated to my fundraiser, please send me the names of anyone you would like remembered.  I have decided to have a custom shirt made to wear for the NYC marathon, if you would like to remember someone please send me their names to anastasiaruns@gmail.com  I will list the names under, In Memory of, and In honor of-for those still fighting cancer right now.  I will post a picture of the shirt when it gets here, I will be placing the order this week, so please get those names to me by Wednesday October 15th, 11:00 PM EST.

I am pleased to report that we’ve raised $317 as of now, I am very excited about that!  Special Thanks to Emilie and Jerry Blanton who donated last night!  Those two are awesome people, and they are runners as well.

So it’s taper time now-time to take it a little easier on myself and focus in the coming weeks on keeping myself fatigue free, so that means I may not do ALL the things I want to do in the coming couple of weeks, but when I get to NYC-I will do it all….well most of it 😉 at least.

Happy Running Friends!


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