NYC Marathon Training Week #5-

This past Monday I posted this quote for #Motivational Monday 2014-07-14 13.58.22

That has been the theme of the week, everything has improved this week, I was better than I have been.  I missed zero runs, I got to do all my work outs, even my physical therapy exercises, and the achilles tendonitis problem has improved greatly!  So this week when you try to compare yourself to others, remember you just have to improve for yourself, you have to be better than the old you!

My long run today was scheduled as a 16 miler, but I had already come to terms with the possibility that I could only do 10 miles.  I had kept up with all my Physical Therapy exercises, and they were getting easier for me, so I had a spark of hope that I could do more than 10 miles, maybe 13?!?!  So the idea was to see how I felt at mile 10 and then take it from there.  I had my breakfast, a banana and some orange juice, and off I went.  By the way, that breakfast agreed with my stomach, but i don’t know that it was enough for fuel for the run.  At mile 6.2 I stopped by my house and had 8 oz of water and 4 oz of Gatorade G2. I felt pretty stellar at mile 10 so I kept going, at mile 12 I had developed the munchies and had my snack-cliff shots gummy chews along with more water (I know from experience to never-NEVER-take a gel or gummy without some water, at least about 8 oz.). At mile 13.5 I finally felt an ache from the achielles, but I decided to struggle through it, after all I was 2.5 miles from being done, and that’s easy.  I finished my run with a little bit of pain, but nothing like it had been.  I was pretty pumped!  I came home to an awesome breakfast and coffee made by my better half (amazing fried egg, bacon and coffee), training for a marathon is hard no matter what, and having support like that is so awesome.  Need less to say, I am thankful.

So Week #5-It’s getting better!

Running- Total miles: 29 miles, 5 hours and 25 minutes

Core work: 75 minutes ( I am on day #20 of my 30 day challenge)

Strength Training: Body Pump at the YMCA ( did it twice this week) & did an Orange Theory Fitness work out that involved some strength training.

* Side Note:  Orange Theory Fitness has proved to be a lot of fun and it is a good work out for me on Saturday mornings.  Special “Thank You” to my some good friends and weekend warriors that came with me to Orange Theory fitness with me at 7 AM, on a Saturday.

Oh and I decided to play in recreational soccer league on Sundays, so today, after running 16 miles this morning I played soccer in the evening…it went okay.  I surprised myself with how well I kept up, and it was a lot of fun.

The Fundraising is still going strong, we have $132.00 earned as of now.

That’s all for now, until next week. What week#6 will bring for me?  

Happy Running



NYC Marathon Week #3 & #4, & the cool stuff I did this summer

“Where have you been?”

Answer:  To welcome in July and celebrate Independence day we took a mini vacation with friends to Red River Gorge, KY.  In doing so, it threw my schedule off a little, but I am back.  Our trip involved me doing back to back runs on Tuesday and Wednesday since we would be traveling on Thursday.  Our group is not a fan of real camping (sleeping on the ground, pitching a tent, worrying about being eaten by bears, etc.)  so we rented a cabin.  We stayed 3 days and 4 nights, ate at Miguel’s Pizza, Sky Bridge Station ( which was amazing, best. hot. dog. ever.) one of our friends made an awesome egg  frittata, we hiked 9 miles on Friday and only 3 on Saturday, it was loads of fun!  See Look:

2014-07-03 20.10.33 2014-07-04 12.13.49 IMG_0937IMG_09182014-07-04 13.09.15 2014-07-04 15.03.18 2014-07-05 11.09.56 2014-07-05 16.35.49 IMG_0956 IMG_0987  2014-07-04 12.19.45IMG_1000IMG_1058  2014-07-04 13.01.34 2014-07-05 14.43.09



So we hiked a lot and relaxed and then came home on Sunday evening and I decided ( since we had amazing weather, it was in the 80s here in KY!) to go ahead and run 14 miles.  I ran 14 miles on some already fatigued legs and by mile 12 I was miserable and running a 13:30 minute/mile pace because my achilles tendons were angry.  So back to my Physical Therapist I went on Tuesday and I got the “hiking + Running+ coming off an injury, maybe a bad idea” talk.   Lesson learned: Rest even when you feel awesome and invincible.

So for now my friends, my long runs will only be between 10 and 16 miles until I build up enough strength and endurance in my calf muscles to make it through a longer run.  I’m continuing to do exercises for that, stretches and just building endurance all together.  I also started a 30 day ab challenge with a friend for the month, today is day 13 and I’m going strong!  I do some sort of ab work daily, 2-3 days a week I am doing this ab work exercise from a website I recently found and it has lots of great strength training info.

Oh and remember when I said I was going to try out ALT  bars from Lara Bar, well I did try it out ,an hour before a run,and I was impressed! Not only did it taste awesome, but it was definitely some good pre-run fuel


2014-06-24 19.31.21-1

So week 3 was good and I completed all my runs, it was just a little tougher for me.

Week 3 Recap:

Strength Training- Body Pump: all over strenght work 2 hours

Running: 25 miles total

Hiking: 12 miles total

Core work: 36 minutes

Week #4 

Strength Training- Body Pump: all over strenght work 2 hours

Running: 15 miles

Core work: 44 minutes

Fundraising:  We have not had any new donations yet, but we have raised $132.00 in support for Stand Up to Cancer.  Go us!  Please remember to share the Facebook page with your friends, it links directly to my Crowdrise page and it is easy to donate!

The fun thing I did just yesterday, is try Orange Theory Fitness.  I tried a class for free, and I have to say I was impressed.  It is a good one hour work out, I am actually a little sore from it. It is only a one hour work out, but it has a cardio and strength component to it  and it is as challenging as you want to make it. They give you a heart rate monitor to wear so you can see how hard you are pushing yourself throughout the workout.  It’s a neat idea and I think I will try them out again in the future.


So Week 5 will bring me lots more training, but a shorter long run.  To keep myself in shape and keep up my endurance I will be doing lots of cross training on the bike and in the pool.  If anyone wants to join me for a work out, let me know!  I do like company!  


Happy Running my friends!

NYC Marathon Training-Week#2

This was a tough training week, my mantra for the week was this:

My mantra all week long while battling a summer cold.  Whoever said that summer colds are the worst-they are very correct.

My mantra all week long while battling a summer cold. Whoever said that summer colds are the worst-they are very correct.

Having a cold in the summer time is 0% fun.  I felt better on Monday,but not awesome, so I begrudgingly I went to body pump at the YMCA for an hour of strength training.  The cool thing about this Body Pump class, our regular instructor was out on vacation so we had a sub-who was in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy and she kicked our booties. This lady  was growing a person and she did all the exercises with us, and she kicked our butts! Needless to say I am inspired and now aspire to be “that Mom” one day.  Tuesday’s  run was not fun for me, I went in the early AM prior to work, I then proceeded to cough up a lung at work and was sent home from work for some R&R.  My cold continued to drag on through Wednesday, but did start to fade enough on Thursday that I got in an awesome speed work out.  Every time I got started with a workout and I started to talk myself out of it, I reminded myself that no one regrets their workout, no one.

Good News from the week:  Physical Therapy has concluded, I got a clean bill of health on Friday and have been given to go ahead to resume all training, but keep up my hip and calf exercises. So I will be continuing to do about 20 reps a day of leg lifts, leg raises, and clam shells.  It is a small price to pay to run happy.

Long Run:  12 miles were conquered yesterday!  Here is my Garmin Info if you want to take a peek.  The Garmin Connect sight has been going through some updates so it may not be available when you click, so here is snap shot of what my route looked like:

12 mile Long Run

12 mile Long Run

I had a very kind anonymous donor sponsor the run, $1 per mile.  This run was done in memory of Betty who had breast cancer and passed away.  Yesterday morning was very overcast and it even sprinkled a little bit on me, which felt nice considering when I was just one mile into my run I was already a sweaty mess.  I started enjoying my run right about the time I got into Brown Park, it was early morning, the sun was just coming up and since there was no one around I decided to sprint, and stretch my arms out and look up.  I like to do that, it feels like you are flying and you are as free as the birds that circle around you. Every chirp they make feels like a cheer ” come on little human you can do it! Fly with us!”  While doing this I caught a particularly wonderful sight and I decided to stop and take a photo.  The hole in the trees, I imagine would be a target to fly to if I could actually take off and fly from the spot I stood in.  This is the kind of deep thoughts you have while on a long run alone.  I also take a second to think about who the run is in memory of, Betty who I never knew, but I know the world is little less full for her family that misses her. Stupid cancer * kicks rock, accidentally hits duck.  The duck may or may not have then come after me and due to a traumatic duck experience as a child, I  hauled tail to get away from it.*

2014-06-28 07.19.22

A good artsy title for this photo would be “Flying up in Brown Park”


All in all it was a great run, I averaged only a 12:30 pace, and I ask myself “How did you do a 9:something pace just two weeks ago at a race?  Do I do better in a group?  Do I have time to run with a group? Am I just getting slower as I get older?” I can ask these questions all day, but the important thing is- I did it.

2014-06-24 19.31.21-1

I had a tried and true breakfast, my Gatorade and honey stinger waffle, giving me 145 calories to fuel my run, which may have not been enough, but it usually works for me in terms of not causing GI distress andI stay pretty energetic for the run.  I did try out some new post race fuel, Zico coconut water, lots of people have told me it is better than Gatorade and healthier.  While I was able to stomach it, it tasted great while drinking it, but the after taste is not my favorite and I had to wash my mouth out.The coconut water has a very milk like taste, but it is much lighter than milk.  I still like the tang of Gatorade better when I finish a run, another favorite post run drink is chocolate almond milk.  I think that coconut would be great in a smoothie, but on it’s own I am not sure.  Today post my run I am no less or more sore than normal, so as for the claims that Coconut water is better for recovery, I did not find it any more helpful.  I did not get to try the Lara Bar ALT bar out, which has 10 grams of protein, I will save that for next week.

Fundraising update:

We had two new donations this week!  *happy dance*  Gary and Joan Bridgewater donated yesterday in memory of Joe Kline, Joan’s Father who passed away with colon cancer.  Gary and Joan helped me and my husband find our dream home, they were very patient and awesome realtors and I am honored that they want to donate to this fundraiser and support me.  Their donation and our anonymous donor that donated in memory of Betty, bring the total to $132.00, that means I have raised 13% of my total goal!  Awesome!

NYC Training Week #2:

Strength training: 2 Body Pump classes Monday and Wednesday (2 hours)

Running: 20 miles (4.5 hours)

This week will be a little different with the upcoming holiday, I will most likely be running still on Tuesday/Thursday, but my long run will be on Monday when I get back from a Red River Gorge Trip.

Until then- Happy Running!


NYC Marathon Training-Week #1 & Bourbon Derby Review

So it begins, my marathon training.  I kicked it off by running a half marathon last weekend-I ran the inaugural Bourbon Derby half  in Paris, KY.  I will start by telling you a little bit about that race.

Bourbon Derby Half Marathon Review

Paris, Ky is a nice small town, it is the heart of horse country.  Paris is only 88 miles from Louisville, Ky and we only had to leave my house around 5:15 AM, no big deal.  I am currently tweaking my pre-race breakfast and am trying to find the best pre-run food that works for me, since I had an hour car ride ahead of me I heated up a breakfast burrito, I make these every week and I freeze them and then put them in the refrigerator the night prior to thaw and then I pop one in the microwave for a nice hearty breakfast.  These burritos were made with mashed sweet potato, eggs, ground turkey, cilantro, a little cheese, liquid amino acids and a special taco spice.  I got the recipe from “The Feed Zone” cook book, it is by far my favorite athlete cook book, if you want the recipe, just email me and I will be happy to share it. I had a Gatorade G2 to wash it down.

I must say it was a well run event.  It was a small race, I think there were overall maybe 500 runners and walkers present.  There was easy parking at the start/finish area, it was at the Bourbon County Drive In Movies, so there was ample and easy parking.  This race was kind enough to offer race day packet pick up,one of the downfalls of the race is that I did find that when I got there that there were no longer any size small or extra small shirts, but my name and address was taken down and I was promised to be mailed a shirt.   They apologized profusely that I did not get my shirt that day.  I hate to say it, but I do love my race t-shirts (I’ll run a 100 miles and pay $100 to run as long as you give me a t-shirt, yes we runners are funny people) and I was a little sad that I did not get a t-shirt, but these things happen and I have lots of t-shirts, I think I will survive.  Also another reason this race was awesome-there was some sort of ordering snafu that happened with the t-shirt company ( we were emailed about this snafu 2 days prior to the race) and there were no women’s/men’s sizes made as indicated on our registration form, they were all uni sex.  I personally love uni sex shirts, the smalls fit me better.  However to make up for this snafu, the race coordinators gave us free picture downloads, as many as we want!  Free!  I will call this a win!  I also love my race pictures too!

The race offered three different distances to run- 13.1 miles (half marathon), 10 miles and 4 miles.  These races did not start all together, the half started at 7:30 AM, the 10 miler at 7:40 and the 4 miler at 7:50.  We were off and running on time and the course had all the hills it promised.  The hills were rolling and short, I did find it to be a challenging course, but it was not an impossible challenge and it was fun!  This was easily one of the most beautiful races I have ever run.  We got to run through 3 different horse farms and at each one we were greeted with beautiful green fields, some with horses running up and down the fence line, it even looked like some of them were running with us.  It was the most beautiful and wonderful sight to see!

2014-06-14 08.59.36

2014-06-14 08.12.59  2014-06-14 08.53.22

These are some photos that I snapped myself, I sadly had a blonde moment and thought I had filmed the horses running around on one farm, turns out what I thought was the button to stop the video was the button to start….and I filmed the pavement that I was running on.    oops.  I sadly did not get any pictures of the horses, but trust me they are wonderful and beautiful!  The photographer got a few good shots of me running too! This is around mile 3.

The Bourbon Derby


This is around mile 8

The Bourbon Derby


The only other snafu this race had were the mile markers, they were a little off, when I finished the race I looked down at my Garmin and saw that it only read 12.7 mile

.2014-06-14 11.43.25

Bummer, I was pretty excited because 2:04:59 was a personal best for me.  Oh well.  This is still awesome considering that I had not hit the pavement even once in the last few weeks.  I also made it through the race without any major achilles pain!  Woot!  The race finish line was amazing as well, there were turkey and ham wraps provided by a local delhi shop, fresh orange slices, bananas, water, orange juice, and chocolate milk.  Special thanks to my friend Mona who car pooled with me and  ran the 10 miler!  We rewarded our selves by then going to Lexington, KY and having brunch at Doodles (go try it ASAP if you live in Lexington) and picking up a present for the hubby at Country boy Brewing.

NYC Marathon training week #1

To wrap this post up, training week #1 went well…until about Friday night.  I unfortunately developed a cold that I may or may have not caught from my *cough, cough*husband.  So my first long run will be delayed to next weekend.  I did manage to get in some training time this week:

Sunday: Rest Day after the half marathon

Monday: 5 mile easy run

Tuesday: 10 minutes of core work

Wednesday: Body Pump at the YMCA-60 minutes total body- strength training

Thursday: 6 mile Tempo Run, warm up pace for 1 mile and then 4 miles at 9:00 min/mile pace, and 1 mile cool down pace.

Friday:  15 minutes of leg work + hour long walk with puppies ( harder than it sounds)

Saturday:  I started coughing, and wheezing and generally feeling bad late Friday night.  Bummer.  I took to the internet and found multiple sources telling me not to run.  The best “should I run while sick?”  advice that I saw, came from .

My next easy run will be on Tuesday hopefully when I have no more respiratory symptoms, no fever and no fatigue.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Happy Running!




What to expect from this blog

After starting this blog and reading a few others, I feel like I need to lay down some ground rules of what you will read here.

1. This blog is to detail my journey of training for my dream race and my efforts to fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer.

2. Also, no judgement is allowed. When I say that, I mean to say that my struggles and hopes and dreams are real-just like yours! No matter how big or small of an accomplishment, it is still an accomplishment!  Please treat my little dream with respect and please treat other people’s dreams with respect, go walk a mile in their shoes before you disrespect their accomplishment.  I run at a pace of 10:something minutes per mile, and I have finished all my marathons- I am proud of just finishing, it is still an accomplishment. I didn’t qualify for Boston, I just finished.  That is still GREAT!  Another thing to mention: no matter how small or big your donation is to my dream it might be as small as liking my Facebook page, doing a run or workout with me,or as large as $100, I will give you a Big Thank You and be eternally grateful for the support. Training for a marathon is not easy, neither is curing cancer, and there is strength in numbers.

3. Please share your accomplishments and fitness adventures/goals in the comments or on our Facebook page.  I love to hear about others’ fitness pursuits and goals, no matter if you are building endurance to walk a 5K or you are training for your 3rd Ironman triathlon, I would love to hear about it.  Running or walking a 5K is always awesome!  Running or walking a mile is awesome, too!  I want to cheer you guys on in your pursuits too, especially if you are going to cheer me on and support me.  Also if you want to share how cancer has affected your life, please share it.  Sharing is sometimes a good thing and it helps others know that they are not alone, that someone else if fighting for their life or that someone else still misses someone everyday because their loved one lost the battle.  I have a story and I will share it later. #Istillmissthem

4. Weekly training re-caps. I’ll tell you how I’m doing with training and with fundraising.

5. Weekly donations. I’ll keep you up to date on how we’re doing, and how far we are from the goal. I will share some fun ways to donate too,for example, would anyone like to sponsor my next run? Mileage is under 15 miles, 50 cents a mile or a $1 a mile? Also: be prepared-you will be bragged on… Unless you want to remain anonymous, in which case I will say “Thank you to our friend’s donation!” 😉.

6.  I will also be reposting advice and good articles that I find on Twitter and on Facebook, please be prepared to read about all the good research and good running in the world.


Stay tuned for a Training Report after my long run tomorrow, and for real anyone want to sponsor my long run?

Happy Running Friends!

#NYCMarathon #SU2C #istillmissthem #blogging

Ready, set, GO!

So to be completely honest, I haven’t ran a whole lot since I finished the Kentucky Derby Festival marathon back in April.

Have I mentioned that was the most painful marathon I have ever ran? If you hang out with me-you have heard about it, maybe too much. I was really disappointed in my pace, I finished the marathon in 4:47. Not a personal best, but I was okay with it, considering my feet hurt and my calves were on fire from mile 20 to the finish line.
Take a step back…
A few weeks prior to the KDF marathon I started noticing pain in my heel on my long runs, then I went to a local orthopaedic/ sports medicine doc-boom! I have Achilles tendonitis. Luckily this doc understood my want to not throw away my 4 months of training and she helped me get through the race with medication and ice and stretches. Lots of stretching. So I started running again. This time I was training for the Bourbon derby half marathon coming up this weekend. I thought I was done being injured, boy was I wrong. I went. I had the same pain again, only now it was popping up during 6 mile runs, 3 milers and finally during a 2 mile run. I knew I had to do something, so I started physical therapy.

Enter Dry Needling

My Physical Therapist (PT) has been great, we’re doing specific exercises to strengthen my hips and my calves. They are also doing dry needling with me. It’s a lot like acupuncture, but there are differences. Read More here

This is not a link to my PT’s practice, but this is the best description I could find.


Yes that is a picture of my leg, and no I don’t really even feel the needles. The great thing is that I got practically instant relief. The bad thing, for the past two weeks I have not ran at all, I have walked and strength trained, but that is all. So I am a little afraid for tomorrow, but all I can say is…challenge accepted.

So I will be running the Bourbon Derby Half Marathon in a few hours, wish me luck! Don’t worry I will recap my race for you as well!

I would also like to give a special big “Thank You” to everyone that liked my Facebook page, shared it, followed me on Twitter and just gave me your support, that means a lot to me.

I also Thank my Donors-we’re up to $85 donated which I am ecstatic about! Thank you again Darrell, Andy, Nicole, and Travis!

Happy Running!

Stand Up to Cancer

I work at a cancer center, and through my job, I have seen patients with a variety of cancers.  When I decided I wanted to fundraise for this marathon, I wanted to pick the best organization that fit my standards, because I wanted your donation to go to something meaningful for you and for me.  

I noticed a lot of the organizations were focused on one particular type of cancer- breast, lung, colon, etc.   They funded nationwide studies specific for these cancers.  My main goal for an organization was that it was broad in scope benefiting all different kinds of cancers and made it a point to donate to local research.    

Stand Up to Cancer does exactly that.  They are dedicated to cancer research across the board.  They ensure that 100% of your donation goes towards funding cancer research through grants for collaborative research.   

Well, what does that mean?  Collaborative research involves professionals across the nation taking clinical trials from the lab to the clinic to help secure a new treatment for everyone.   This model takes away competition, allowing a unified focus on the main goal, standing up to cancer!  This sounds like what I do every day, working on clinical trials and making a difference standing up to cancer.  I always loved the idea of everyone working together to fight this disease, and now I get to help make it happen on a larger scale!  Please join me and we can Stand Up to Cancer together.