Stand Up to Cancer

I work at a cancer center, and through my job, I have seen patients with a variety of cancers.  When I decided I wanted to fundraise for this marathon, I wanted to pick the best organization that fit my standards, because I wanted your donation to go to something meaningful for you and for me.  

I noticed a lot of the organizations were focused on one particular type of cancer- breast, lung, colon, etc.   They funded nationwide studies specific for these cancers.  My main goal for an organization was that it was broad in scope benefiting all different kinds of cancers and made it a point to donate to local research.    

Stand Up to Cancer does exactly that.  They are dedicated to cancer research across the board.  They ensure that 100% of your donation goes towards funding cancer research through grants for collaborative research.   

Well, what does that mean?  Collaborative research involves professionals across the nation taking clinical trials from the lab to the clinic to help secure a new treatment for everyone.   This model takes away competition, allowing a unified focus on the main goal, standing up to cancer!  This sounds like what I do every day, working on clinical trials and making a difference standing up to cancer.  I always loved the idea of everyone working together to fight this disease, and now I get to help make it happen on a larger scale!  Please join me and we can Stand Up to Cancer together.