Fall 7 times, Stand Up 8-Week 12

So, first things first- I have never been good at keeping up with a lot of happenings all at once.  The last time I posted I was only on Week 5 of training, I am now on week 12 and my fundraising is currently sitting at only 14% of my goal, we have raised $142.oo to date.  Managing a fundraising campaign and training for a marathon was, has been tough to do and at times I have felt like a failure.  I really want this marathon to be meaningful and that is why I decided to do this, and that’s why I am not giving up.  I am going to try to resume blogging once a week and being more present on social media.  Please don’t give up on me either, please keep cheering me on.

So all my runs have went well!  I conquered my first 20 miler on August 16th, I felt great afterwards, everything was in check from nutrition all the way to the clothing I was wearing (I tried out Balega socks and they were amazing, special Thanks to Erika for recommending them!)  I also had the most amazing Vegan pancakes ever at Meridian Cafe.  My nutrition notes from that day include:

1. My night before the run meal: Basil Fried Rice with a glass of red wine

2. Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito (burrito with turkey, sweet potato, kidney beans, egg and cheese, recipe came from The Feed Zone, private message me and I can send you a copy of the recipe, but I really recommend the cook book for athletes), also had gatorade, banana and Elevate, which is a pre-run energy boost drink.

3. During the run:  I took 8 oz of water after mile 6, I also stopped by my house for some grapes ( I had about 10) and a quick drink of gatorade.  This really super charged me for awhile.  I continued to take 8 oz of water every 3 miles.  At Mile 10 I took 2 salt tabs, I have never done this before, but I think it made a big difference in muscle soreness/cramping, I had no problems with cramps or soreness during my run.  At miles 13 and 18 I took in a Honey Stinger gel and 16 oz of water.

4. After the run, I had those awesome pancakes that I mentioned above with some chocolate milk.  The next day I had no muscle soreness, it was great!

The run itself took me 4 hours and 13 minutes.  It’s not a super amazing time or pace,but the fact that it went really well makes me feel like my training is coming along and that I am almost ready for the big race…..then the next weekend happened.

2014-08-22 12.52.07

Our Fancy Pink Mustang that we got to hop into for a photo op while representing Clinical Trials at the KY State Fair.

Weeks 10 and 11 have not been as fruitful.  Week 10 was a crazy weekend that included me working at the Kentucky State Fair, hosting a bachelorette party (Congratulations to my awesome friend Whitney!), going to a bridal shower ( Congrats again Whitney! I may have joked with her about how that was my Whitney weekend) and then I concluded the weekend by volunteering at Ironman Louisville for 8 hours

.  By the way-everyone should volunteer at Ironman!  I had a blast!  I have never been thanked so much in one day!  After volunteering I come home and run my long run, 13 miles in 90 degree heat, the heat index was near 100 and lets just say it was not pretty.  Then I got sick

2014-08-24 09.29.38

I volunteered at Ironman Louisville! I was at the Bike Special Needs station that was at miles 33 and 67 of the bike course.


with a virus/head cold.Week 11’s runs were either canceled or the mileage was reduced by 1/2.  I completed my long run of 16 miles yesterday, but once again it was not pretty and it was a struggle.  This weekend involved a lot of awesome social activities too (Congratulations Michele!) and not a lot of rest was had.  So with that in mind as I head into week 12 I will most likely keep my mileage low and try to recover.

So that means Week 12 will look like this:

Monday-Body Pump at the YMCA  Rest Day ( Watch U of L’s first football game!)

Tuesday-Easy Run 10 5 miles

Wednesday- Body Pump at the YMCA ( we will see how I feel, if not, anyone up for Yoga?)

Thursday- Easy Run 9  4.5 miles

Friday-Rest Day or Body Pump (crossing my fingers that I feel better by now)

Saturday: Long Run 10 miles ( This would be a great sponsor run!)

Friends please share my Crowdrise page with your friends, your family, and random people on the street-https://www.crowdrise.com/anastasiaruns

I want my runs to be meaningful and I would love it if we could do one this week in memory of someone near and dear to you, or if you want to celebrate someone please think about being part of Stand Up to Cancer’s efforts.

Actually here is a special offer:  Anyone that sponsors my long runs during the weekend of September, you pick a brunch place and I will treat you to your favorite coffee or drink of choice or your favorite treat, like a cinnamon roll.  I will meet you there after my run!

Happy Labor Day Everyone and Happy Running (Recovering in my case)


Stand Up to Cancer

I work at a cancer center, and through my job, I have seen patients with a variety of cancers.  When I decided I wanted to fundraise for this marathon, I wanted to pick the best organization that fit my standards, because I wanted your donation to go to something meaningful for you and for me.  

I noticed a lot of the organizations were focused on one particular type of cancer- breast, lung, colon, etc.   They funded nationwide studies specific for these cancers.  My main goal for an organization was that it was broad in scope benefiting all different kinds of cancers and made it a point to donate to local research.    

Stand Up to Cancer does exactly that.  They are dedicated to cancer research across the board.  They ensure that 100% of your donation goes towards funding cancer research through grants for collaborative research.   

Well, what does that mean?  Collaborative research involves professionals across the nation taking clinical trials from the lab to the clinic to help secure a new treatment for everyone.   This model takes away competition, allowing a unified focus on the main goal, standing up to cancer!  This sounds like what I do every day, working on clinical trials and making a difference standing up to cancer.  I always loved the idea of everyone working together to fight this disease, and now I get to help make it happen on a larger scale!  Please join me and we can Stand Up to Cancer together.